Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rose and Ben like taking baths together. (If you are wondering why Rose is in a bathing suit, it's because she didn't want a bath, and she didn't need one, but Ben needed one, and he wouldn't go in with out Rose. So Rose was allowed to get in the bath with her bathing suit!)

One night we had pizza, Ben loved it! Here he his, attacking his pizza. He can pick it up, but he did this instead!

Ben loves being outdoors. Although he hates getting wet.

Playing outside:

In the bike trailer, ready for a bike ride! (I take them on the trailer attached to my bike.)

The weeping cherry at the new house!

The beautiful yard God gave us. (At our current house)

Another pic of our current yard. (I'm sorry if I bore you with these pictures!)



At a party with pizza, Ben was very happy!

Max on our kiddie swing.

Our trees:

A tulip at the new house.

Rose and her goofy face!

Spring is finally here! Okay, okay, technically it's been here for a few months, but it finally, feels like spring!

Everything is beautifully green, and most of the days are nice and warm! We have been spending a lot of time outside, including going to parks and bike-riding!

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