Saturday, October 29, 2011

1st October Snow in 39 years :)

Guess what? It's snowing today! As in, 8-10 inches. And it's October 29th. Crazy. I know. Now I'll let the pictures do the talking:
The sad thing about the snow is branches are falling off lots of trees because of the snow + leaves = too heavy

And yesterday was the first day they could even play on the new playset.

Max's "Snow Baby"

The amount of snow at 12pm

Those wires are our electrical wires.  Any prayers you want to offer up that the branches above them don't fall on them, would be most appreciated!

Look how green the grass is.  That's due to the wettest fall we've had in years and years. Of course, it still IS fall!

~Mary Kate

Saturday, October 22, 2011

John Paul Turns 11. Birthday Theme - what else? FOOD!

On August 30th 2011 John Paul turned 11. Being the classic boy he is, he decided to go with a food theme.

Opening gifts:

Cake time:

Playing up on the hill in the volley ball courts.
The pavilion. There is a little playground you can't see in this picture just right of the pavilion.
 John Paul also wanted to do a couple crazy food games. So we had four different games.

1) An Egg-toss
-You and your partner toss the egg back and forth trying not to break it, after each toss you take a step back. Lauren and Mom won. 

Poor Tyler! The egg broke all over him!
2) Marshmallow Wars
-Two teams. Four bowls full of cornstarch coated marshmallows. Black construction paper pinned to all the participants' shirts. Goal: Get the other team members out by hitting their black paper with a marshmallow. The cornstarch makes it nice and messy :)

3) Cheese Puff Toss
-Kids sit down in a line. Dad sprays whipped cream on their heads. Everyone else walks down the line throwing cheese puffs at the kids trying to get them to stay in the whipped cream.

The cheese puff victims.
4) Pudding Eating Contest
- Who can eat the bowl full of pudding (with their hands behind their back) first? (I believe Tyler won)

Happy Birthday John Paul! You are growing up so fast. :D
It was a great party, lots of fun. It was the perfect way to end our summer!
~Mary Kate