Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just Chillin'

We've had a hot crazy June, but it's been nice as well. A few days ago my mom made this big slip-and-slide at our new house and she and my dad put up a trampoline.

It's been a nice June, and I can't believe it's almost over. This year is going by way too fast!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More work!!!!!!!

Grammy's apartment and our part of the house are progressing splendidly! My windowwell is finished, and my window is in. Grammy's three front windows and two giant side windows and her front door are in! Our upstairs bathroom is almost done; all the glue is off the walls.

Grammy's front door and three front windows:

Side view:

The holes for her side windows:

The view:

My bedroom, see it has walls!

My window:

My window well:

Our downstairs bathroom is getting a shower. The floor is almost ready!

So there you are. The more recent update. I can't wait to move in! It will be a lot better then our too-small-for-nine-people house. ☺

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Number 7!

By now I think just about everyone reading this blog knows about this.

My mom is going to have another baby! Cecilia is begging God for twins, Luke and Lucy, although my parents and I prefer them one at a time.

Wow, for some strange reason, being the oldest of 7 sounds like a lot more then 6. Rose wants a girl, John Paul and Max want another brother.

We love you all!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Emmy!

June 5th was Emily Anthony's 4th birthday. Her birthday is a little over a week before Rose's and Rose and Emily are like best friends. They ask to play with each other everyday and since they live behind us, it isn't hard to arrange play-dates.
Since we were still at the beach on Emily's actual birthday the waited to have her party until Sunday the 7th. It was another pool party at Aunt Jackie's mom's house, and perfect for the hot summer day we had!

Happy 4th birthday Emily!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Topsail Island 2009!

Last week our family went to Topsail Island in NC with the Schultz's. It was so much fun! I know, I know, I put up too many pictures. Although really compared to the amount we took.....

Anyway, we drove down on Saturday and met up with the Schultz's at the beach house. The weather was gorgeous, no rain or cloudy days! The water was warm and the sand was perfect for sandcastles!

Saturday night us girls went out to the beach in the dark with our camping lantern.

We celebrated Nate's 8th birthday on Saturday night after dinner. Happy B-day Nate!

Walking along the beach...

Chilling in the game/attic/girls room.

Aunt Cathy loves to read on the beach.

Looking at shells...

Playing Apples to Apples


Nate, Max and Ben.



We caught a crab one day, Nate bravely held it!

Blowing bubbles...

Rose and Max played along the beach together.

My mom brought along a little bubble kiddie pool which we would fill with only an in. of water. Ben loved it!

Max and my Mom playing Chinese Checkers:


A very impressive sandcastle!

Rose fell asleep on the beach on day:

Grammy enjoyed the view from the deck: (Our house is the one on the right side)

Ben and Rose loved splashing in the water!


The house had a nice sized dinning/living/kitchen area. We all fit comfortably!

Wednesday morning I woke up early with my brothers and we took a walk along the beach as the sun rose.

Watching another sandcastle being destroyed by the waves.

Building yet another sandcastle:

Ben loved blowing bubbles:

Storm clouds, although we never got the storm:

Defending another sandcastle:

All the cousins:

The picture at the top of the blog is of our whole family on the beach! We had an amazing time. It was so nice.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We're at the Beach!

Right now is our third day on the beach! We drove down here Saturday and it's now Tuesday. We are sharing a beach house with the Schultz's. I'm using one of their laptops to post this and so I have no pictures. Boy have we had two exciting days!

On Sunday morning us girls saw what we thought was a shark from our balcony on the third floor. Then later in the afternoon a fishing trolley went by and there were three or four dolphins behind it. We realized that we had seen a dolphin from our balcony.

Then yesterday us kids found a sandbar and stayed there for a long time. At one point we saw a dolphin in the distance. But the most exciting thing is that later in the afternoon yesterday, a Bottlenose dolphin was swimming parallel to the shore, only a few feet out! It jumped in the air and we saw it's whole body, it was amazing! Up until Sunday I had never seen a dolphin in the wild before, and now I've seen several!

The water is wonderfully comfortable and the waves are awesome! Our beach house is too cool, there are four bedrooms, one has two sets of bunk beds, (for the boys), one has a king size bed, (my parents), and two have a queen size bed, (Grammy, and Uncle Mark and Aunt Cathy.) Us girls, (Annie, Cecilia, and me), sleep in the attic. During the day the boys are alowed to come up because the attic has the video games.