Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben and John Paul!

Happy 2nd Birthday Benny!

We didn't have a huge party for our 2 year old, just our little family, (well okay rather large family.) I think Ben decided to be greedy on his birthday, that is quite a mouth fool! :

He picked his whole piece of cake up on his fork, I have no idea what he was trying to do with it! :

Happy 9th Birthday John Paul!
John Paul had a rather larger party, seeing as he was turning a bit older then Ben. Sadly Cecilia and me missed it we were in MD with the Lohrmann's. But his best friend, Dominic was able to come as well as some of our family on my Dad's side. As you might of noticed, he had an army theme. It was his idea to have his plastic army figures on the cake, including one squished underneath the tank.

Rose and our cousin Emily were having fun with our Dad:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Newest Family Member

We recently added a small female calico kitten named Trixie, to our family. Let me back up and tell you of our kitten adventures.

About a week or two before we moved in to our new house, my dad found three kittens in our drive way, they were obviously newborns, and upon seeing how cute they were, my dad said we could have outdoor cats. The mother we think was a stray or the farmer's cat, (from the farm near bye), but either way she was terrified of us. She only came to her kittens at night but she would nurse them, wash them and eat the food we put out for her. Last week however, she hid the biggest one and abandoned the other two. We were at Hershypark that day and so the next morning when we went outside to check on them, one of the two black kittens, was dead. The other one was barely alive and died the next night.

But those three kittens did something to my dad and he said that we could get another kitten for an outdoor cat, if it was free. So we found a free kitten add in the newspaper and got Trixie, our little calico.

We have a nice warm comfortable outdoor shelter for her, and we gave her the run of the back deck, (she is too little to go around the whole yard by herself). But every night she would cry and cry at the back door. Last night she was shut away but still somehow crying at the door, she had escaped somehow and was half way up the screen door, stuck. The poor kitten was crying and quite pitiful.

And now she is inside. I know a few people that were really allergic to cats but got one anyway and after a few weeks they stopped getting reactions to their cat. I looked it up and apparently it's more of a chance thing. Some people stop, other don't. So we are really praying that after about a week, my dad and John Paul stop getting reactions to Trixie.

But boy is she cute!