Friday, November 20, 2009

Is it really already the end of Nov.?!?

October and November have flown by and I've been so busy that I've barely posted anything at all! So I put up a collection of pictures from October and November.

One day I found Ben in my room on my bed and he was "reading" my book. He was very cute:

John Paul is a great big brother to Ben:

On Halloween we carved two jack-o-lanterns:

The boys, the carver, and the boys' jack-o-lantern:

The boys' jack-o-lantern:

The girls' jack-o-lantern:

John Paul and Max in their costumes:

We went trick-or-treating at a friends house, all the "older" girls:

Ben and Rose:

The next four pictures are from my 14th birthday party:

One Saturday a few weeks ago, we spent all morning outside cleaning up the yard. Dad and John Paul raked up all the leaves by hand in the back yard, leaving "beaver dams". They then raked the "beaver dams" onto tarp and hauled out to the road. The yard looked very funny: