Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our little Walker!

Ben is really a good baby! But over this past weekend he has learned how to climb up on chairs and tables. He LOVES the computer and so we have to put the key board up high and pull away the chair. He has also suddenly realized that he can feed himself and that he does NOT like it when you feed him. He has to feed himself or he screams! The last thing I will say is that he also loves the phone. So we let him play with our old phone. He holds up to his ear and talks in his little baby language! He is really cute!

Family Biking Adventure

A few weeks ago we went to the park and went on a bike ride! Max stayed behind with our dad at the playground and played baseball. But the rest of us biked three whole miles! It was a lot of fun!

Packing Up!

We were all super excited to start packing! Our first job was the family room books. It was fun and sad to pack away all the books. The task was accomplished quickly and we have since then packed just about my whole room, just about the rest of the family room. A lot of Cecilia's room and are just about done with the boys room.

Wall of Boxes

I am so sorry for ignoring the blogs for so long. But with all this crazy moving stuff and cleaning and packing, I just haven't had time.

When we first got the boxes John Paul got the very cool idea of making a wall of them.

John Paul proudly showing off his wall.