Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News from Sept. and Oct.

I can hardly believe that Nov. is a little less the 2 weeks away. We love the Academy, and time seems to go so fast when you are counting by Mondays and Wednesdays. Instead of saying, in 13 days it is my birthday, I say in 4 more days at school it's my birthday. It makes it go much faster. :)

Anyway, I still have a jumble of pictures from Sept. and Oct. so here they are:

We had a tea party on the feast of the Rosary, while Cecilia and me were at school, the rest of the family made cookies and made them into this rosary:

And this message:

I had to add a couple pictures from our drive to school each Monday and Wednesday, it is such a beautiful drive!

One day in Sept, we all brought out blankets and pillows and rested on the trampoline, it was warm under our layer of blankets:

We had our first "real" Autumn meal sometime in Sept. It was my dad's famous potatoe soup, french bread, cheese, freshly picked apples, and the best apple cider in the world: Brown's Apple Cider. It was a feast:

We have this gray wig in our dress-up container and Ben found it and decided to put it on:

Because of school I am up before the sun every Mon. and Wed., most mornings the sunrise is hardly spectacular, although this particular morning the sunrise was superb:

And last but not least, Trixie has really made herself the queen of our family. She gets into the funniest things:

Friday, October 16, 2009

Trees = Leaves!

Thanks to the over 20 trees we have in our yard, we have an abundance of leaves on the ground! Coming from our old house where we had measly little piles, the huge piles we have created in this house, are really exciting. The other night I raked up half of the front yard and it made the biggest pile we've had. It wasn't even the whole yard.

And this is the really big pile:

And a few days ago Trixie decided to climb a tree, but of course then she was stuck and couldn't get down. Max was finally able to rescue her by climbing up after her and balancing precariously.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

September is Already Over !?!

Wow, life is going so fast it is kind of scary. We have been so incredibly busy that I haven't had time to post anything on here for a while. Plus our computer broke down for about a week. So this post is just going to be a ramble of misc. pictures from the summer. September has gone by so fast that I haven't even had time to upload Sept. pictures yet!

School has kept us all busy as well as slowly unpacking. It is still an adventure to find things we need! We are sooooooooooooooo grateful to God for our amazing house! My brothers spend hours playing back in the woods and fields. We all spend time on the trampoline, and playing basketball. Which are luxuries we didn't have at the old house.

Uncle Jim doesn't get to come everyday, but he is slowly making progress with the little things left with Grammy's apartment. He did get up her siding and shutters, they look wonderful! I promise I will post pictures of the front of the house soon.

And onto the pictures:

Our first dinner at 232 Sheffield Dr. :

The cornfield:

Climbing one of our trees:

In a tree:

In a tree:

Playing in the yard: (Did I mention our GREAT our yard is?)

Trixie catching a nap:

Ben Anthony, Age 2, Pro Golfer:

John Paul got a toolkit for his birthday from Grandma and Papa Anthony. In the days following his birthday he made several things including this garden bench for our mom's birthday. I supervised them paint it and to their request I wrote "Mother":

Much to our excitment a few weeks ago a hot air balloon flew over our house:

And being me I have to include some pictures of our yard. :

And yes this is in our backyard, next to the cornfield: