Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News from Sept. and Oct.

I can hardly believe that Nov. is a little less the 2 weeks away. We love the Academy, and time seems to go so fast when you are counting by Mondays and Wednesdays. Instead of saying, in 13 days it is my birthday, I say in 4 more days at school it's my birthday. It makes it go much faster. :)

Anyway, I still have a jumble of pictures from Sept. and Oct. so here they are:

We had a tea party on the feast of the Rosary, while Cecilia and me were at school, the rest of the family made cookies and made them into this rosary:

And this message:

I had to add a couple pictures from our drive to school each Monday and Wednesday, it is such a beautiful drive!

One day in Sept, we all brought out blankets and pillows and rested on the trampoline, it was warm under our layer of blankets:

We had our first "real" Autumn meal sometime in Sept. It was my dad's famous potatoe soup, french bread, cheese, freshly picked apples, and the best apple cider in the world: Brown's Apple Cider. It was a feast:

We have this gray wig in our dress-up container and Ben found it and decided to put it on:

Because of school I am up before the sun every Mon. and Wed., most mornings the sunrise is hardly spectacular, although this particular morning the sunrise was superb:

And last but not least, Trixie has really made herself the queen of our family. She gets into the funniest things:


Lorrie and Fred said...

What a great post!!I love to keep up with the Anthony family, and this blog is tremendous. You are right, Mary Kate, about the way the days are zooming by. I loved the photos of the sunrise, and liitle Trixie! I'm glad your family has a cat and hope your dad is not having any allergy symptoms. Of course if he is, it's probably too late since Trixie is part of the family!

Catherine Berg said...

Great pictures, Mary Kate! I love the ones of your beautiful drive to school, and the rosary cookies! What a great idea. I love you and miss you.