Wednesday, December 15, 2010

25 random facts...

...okay, so it's been a long time since I posted anything and I know the excuse of being busy is starting to get old, but the fact of the matter is, I'm busy! Blogging takes time and I currently don't have much time during the school year. But the good news is yesterday was the last day of school for 2010! Now we have three whole weeks to enjoy. :)

Now I have 25 random facts (one for each day of Dec. up until Dec. 25th). Enjoy:

1. Chris and Ania are coming over for dinner tomorrow night which will be a lot of fun!

2. We had our half day of school on Monday and technically it's not school at all, it's just a fun
Christmas program.

3. I got my first "real" job working for a local business for the Christmas season.

4. We are going to Portrait Innovations in a week for family pictures.

5. My braces come off in a week.

6. Joey has been taking his first steps these past few days. (His record is four sturdy steps in a row.)

7. Lil' David Anthony now weighs more than Joey Anthony. :D

8. We have discovered that Benny is totally obsessed with any kind of sugary/chocolaty food. He is also obsessed with the word "buttocks". (Where did he learn that word?!?) He'll say things like "don't look at my buttocks!" while stressing "buttocks".

9. Ben walks around being the cutest, sweetest 3 year old ever and yet at the same time, he somehow manages to wreak havoc in every corner of the house!

10. We don't decorate our house until Christmas Eve.

11. We went to Longwood Gardens last Thur. and saw it for the first time all decked out for Christmas!

12. Despite being sandwiched between four boys, Rose is an extremely girly girl. She constantly walks around with two purses, a barbie backpack, a stuffed kitty, and two or three baby dolls. (All at the same time.)

13. We started a tradition last year of celebrating Los Pasados with the Anthony family.

14. Max and John Paul frequently come up with new ways of ripping people off while making money themselves. (Yesterday they started a "store" selling different things found in their room and around the house, John Paul comes to me and says "Mary Kate, guess what! For just 10 cents you can buy a pack of gum! But you have to pick carefully because only one pack actually has gum in it, the other ones are empty!!!" lol!!!)

15. Cecilia can read a 150 pg book in one sitting. (One sitting = one hour.)

16. Max read his first full book today (a Magic Treehouse book).

17. After living with us for two years, Grammy has gotten used to eating dinner on a regular basis at around 7:00 -7:30.

18. Benny wakes my mom up early every morning with a huge grin, and he says "Look Mommy, it's morning!", while pointing to the window.

19. We had Dad's amazing potato soup a few nights ago. It was delicious!

20. Trixie and Sargent Jim (our two cats, named after two Trixie Belden characters) are starting to get along once again! (Trixie is Jim's mother and then after we got them both fixed she started hissing and attacking Jim when ever she saw him.)

21. My mom finished reading out loud the 1st Lord of the Rings to Cecilia, John Paul and I and we watched the long extended version of the 1st movie.

22. My class had a creative writing assignment for the first time in Great Books and it was only supposed to be 3-4 pgs long. However we all begged our teacher to let the page limit be 5-10 pgs because all of us had much longer than 4 pgs written. Our teacher nicely let us have 10 pg papers and she said "wow, in all my years teaching 10th grade Great Books, I've never had the problem of a paper being assigned too short!"

23. It's really late at night and I should be good and go to bed.

24. We always eat Chinese food for Christmas Eve dinner. We eat it on our nicest china with wine glasses and wine (sparkling cider for all us kids).

25. My siblings wake up ridiculously early on Christmas morning. (Well I used to wake up really early too. :P) The record being Cecilia and Max waking up at 3:30 two years ago and not going back to sleep. :0

So I hope I didn't bore you with my string of 25 facts. And now I have a couple of pictures:

Grandpa Anthony's famous chocolate turkey from Wolfgang Chocolates:

Max's 8th birthday cake:
The boys' Halloween party cupcakes (it's supposed to be a blue monster, but it just looks like a blue glob):

The dining room for the boys' Halloween party:

A promised picture of John Paul (in the green) playing soccer:
Lil' (or should I say, big), David:
I couldn't resist, Max's Halloween costume:
My 15th birthday party:

And some of my fav. photoraphy pictures: