Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Beauty of Summer

Swimming, vacation, school-free, tv, computer, late nights, and scorching heat.

Summer is a lot of peoples favorite season, but it's not mine. It gets too hot and for big chunks of the time there is nothing to do. So this summer while I was babysitting quite frequently, I decided to test my photography skills and technical knowledge.

So I began to take pictures of flowers, trees, the sky, and other things. I found a cool website that let me edit them for free and soon I had a collection of photos that show the true "Beauty" of summer.

Here are a few:

((And yes I did take all those pictures myself.))

Good bye Evangeline

We had two pet gerbils, Evangeline and Sebastian, today Evangeline died. We will miss her even if she is only a gerbil.

Good bye Evangeline!!!!!!!!!