Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Beauty of Summer

Swimming, vacation, school-free, tv, computer, late nights, and scorching heat.

Summer is a lot of peoples favorite season, but it's not mine. It gets too hot and for big chunks of the time there is nothing to do. So this summer while I was babysitting quite frequently, I decided to test my photography skills and technical knowledge.

So I began to take pictures of flowers, trees, the sky, and other things. I found a cool website that let me edit them for free and soon I had a collection of photos that show the true "Beauty" of summer.

Here are a few:

((And yes I did take all those pictures myself.))


Margaret Anthony said...

You are quite the photographer. You have shown us God's beauty in your pictures. Thanks honey.

Catherine Berg said...

Wow Mary Kate! Very impressive! These are beautiful photos. You are quite taleneted.
I hope you all are doing well, and enjoying summer even though it is hot, and you guys are remodeling a home! Please give everyone my love, esp. your mom. You are in my prayers. I love you all!

Lorrie and Fred said...

Well done Mary Kate! You've been using your time quite well. I love your photographs. Keep up the good work! The time is coming very soon when you will have your own room! It can be one of the perks of being the oldest. You've certainly paid your dues will all the babysitting you've been doing. God bless all the Anthonys!

The Schultz Family said...

Mary Kate, These are SO good! You have quite an artistic eye. What's the editing website you mentioned? Annie might enjoy it.

our little brown life said...

Hey Mary Kate! I'm amazed at your skill. These are BEAUTIFUL shots. And we're so excited for you all to be moving in!