Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We're at the Beach!

Right now is our third day on the beach! We drove down here Saturday and it's now Tuesday. We are sharing a beach house with the Schultz's. I'm using one of their laptops to post this and so I have no pictures. Boy have we had two exciting days!

On Sunday morning us girls saw what we thought was a shark from our balcony on the third floor. Then later in the afternoon a fishing trolley went by and there were three or four dolphins behind it. We realized that we had seen a dolphin from our balcony.

Then yesterday us kids found a sandbar and stayed there for a long time. At one point we saw a dolphin in the distance. But the most exciting thing is that later in the afternoon yesterday, a Bottlenose dolphin was swimming parallel to the shore, only a few feet out! It jumped in the air and we saw it's whole body, it was amazing! Up until Sunday I had never seen a dolphin in the wild before, and now I've seen several!

The water is wonderfully comfortable and the waves are awesome! Our beach house is too cool, there are four bedrooms, one has two sets of bunk beds, (for the boys), one has a king size bed, (my parents), and two have a queen size bed, (Grammy, and Uncle Mark and Aunt Cathy.) Us girls, (Annie, Cecilia, and me), sleep in the attic. During the day the boys are alowed to come up because the attic has the video games.


papa said...

Sounds like you are all having a great vacation. You all needed it! I hope Dad is relaxing and enjoying the vacation.He's been working so hard.Is he getting to watch any hockey?

I love the dolphins too. It's neat you got to see them. Since you're at Topsail you need to go crabbing at the park on the bayside. It's near the bridge. All you need is a net, some rope and chicken wings and you can catch dinner. Be careful though the crabs love to bite at your toes. It's a fun experience as the water is warm and shallow and you walk out into the water, tie a chicken wing to the rope or strong string, throw it into the water and watch the crabs attack it. Then you slowly pull the rope toward you and try to catch the crab in the net. Well, it is fun but you could buy the crabs and save the time too ! Ha HA.

Are you all tan or sunburned? I wish we were there with you. Maybe next time.

Love and miss you all,


The Schultz Family said...

Mary Kate,

I didn't know you got to blog a post while we were in North Carolina. You're amazing!

Aunt Cathy