Saturday, June 20, 2009

More work!!!!!!!

Grammy's apartment and our part of the house are progressing splendidly! My windowwell is finished, and my window is in. Grammy's three front windows and two giant side windows and her front door are in! Our upstairs bathroom is almost done; all the glue is off the walls.

Grammy's front door and three front windows:

Side view:

The holes for her side windows:

The view:

My bedroom, see it has walls!

My window:

My window well:

Our downstairs bathroom is getting a shower. The floor is almost ready!

So there you are. The more recent update. I can't wait to move in! It will be a lot better then our too-small-for-nine-people house. ☺


papa said...

Great pictures MK. Everything seems to be progressing well. I know you all will be glad when it's done and you can move in. Grammy's apartment is starting to look like a home. That's exciting.

Thanks for the pics and the update.


Lorrie and Fred said...

As always Mary Kate, your updates about the progress on the house are outstanding. It really has been a journey!You have made us all feel very connected, as the house is transformed into the home of the Anthony Clan, and our beautiful mother and grandmother. It does feel like the equivalent of an Ironman triathlon, with all the hard work and perseverance!