Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank you Lohrmanns!

Last Saturday, (the 23rd), the Lohrmanns (minus Uncle Mark and Kevin), came up to our new house and spent a day of hard work. They got a lot down, James pulled up all the carpet in the bedrooms upstairs. YAY! Sarah scraped a lot of glue off of the walls in the upstairs bathroom, and Aunt Eileen sanded the trim and patches in the living room, dinning room, and kitchen! John Paul, Cecilia and I went over as well to help. John Paul and Ryon spent the day in the backyard, and made a huge fort. And Cecilia played with Julia all day. (I was scraping glue with Sarah).

Here are some pictures:

Rose was very eager to help water the flowers. She did a wonderful job!

A new garden:

The other new garden:

Rose enjoyed a short ride in the wheelbarrow:

John Paul and Ryon showing off their fort:

'Cousins make the best of Friends' Inside their fort:

The hole for my window well: Chris McDonnell has been coming over to help, and he is the one who dug all that!

Our new front door, do you like it?

Aunt Eileen sanding: (beautiful as always!)

James ripping up the carpet:

Cecilia and Julia, in their secret "space":

The bathroom, sadly I didn't get a picture of Sarah working, but believe me, she was a HUGE help!

Uncle Jim has framed in her front door and windows:

Inside the garage:

Thank you sooooooooooooo much Lohrmanns for all the help!!!!!!!!


Catherine Berg said...

Wow!! You guys have accomplished a lot. The house is looking beautiful! How nice that the Lohrmanns helped so much too. Family is the best!! The garden is looking really nice too.
Look forward to seeing your home one day. Love you!

Mary Kate said...

Thanks Catherine!