Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rainy Days

We have non-stop rain for the past week. Well okay, that's a little bit over-exaggeration. It was only 6 days, plus it would rain then stop, then rain then stop, ect. But it was always overcast and dreary. Today we saw the blue sky again! YAY!!!!

Getting ready to play outside in the rain:

"Okay, enough pictures! Can I please go outside!"

"Yay, my raincoat is pink!"

The awning above our front door is leaking, so every time it rains we get a mini waterfall right in front of our door! Ben was very fascinated by the water hitting the porch and liked to lay down and watch it.

Watching the "waterfall"

The next four pics are of our "waterfall" I probably take too many pictures, and I apologize if they are boring!

Rose likes to make sad or somber faces when she isn't really sad.

On Tuesday Cecilia made a big "tent" in the living room out of blankets and chairs. (She did clean up afterward!)
Ben liked the secret entrance!

Cecilia and John Paul inside the "tent".

Max sitting on one of the chairs.

We had to make do with being cooped up in our too-small-for-nine-people house for 6 days, and so my siblings found creative ways to play. Like making the "tent" and playing board games like Yahtzee.

And after rain, rain, rain, and more rain, we finally had a blue sky!!!!!!!!!!! I thought if was "April showers bring May flowers". But what happens when it's "May showers"? "June Flowers maybe?"


Catherine Berg said...

Congratulations on your confirmation! I love seeing the pictures, so look so grown up and beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your gorgeous gardens and flowers. I love seeing all the pictures, and getting a peak into your lives. I hope tha rain stops soon for you... it will be so green and lush when the sun comes out! Spring is the best, right?!

Catherine Berg said...

Oh yes, I like your new lay out of the blog.. very nice!

The Schultz Family said...

Poor you, with all that rain! Hopefully it's cleared up by now and you can be outside. I love the pictures and the stories, though!

Love, Aunt Cathy