Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today my parents celebrated their 16th anniversary! Sadly they couldn't go out by themselves, but my mom got an ice cream cake that read: "Thank you Jesus for Our Family!"

It is also a beautiful May day, which makes up for yesterday's dull rain.


papa said...

Congratulations S&T!!!!!!!!!

You guys are such a blessing to us all. Y0ur love, faith, marriage and family are such a witness to so many people. Here's wishing you 60 more!!! At least!! We can all celebrate with you tomorrow!


Lorrie and Fred said...

Congratulations Teresa and Scott! Your marriage has been an incredible blessing to us Pierces! You have created a very loving family with deep faith and generosity. Your dedication,playfulness, and good humor are a great example to us. Keep up the great work! The world needs your faithful witness!

our little brown life said...

Happy Anniversary Teresa & Scott!
We love you guys a lot and hope to schedule in more visits in the coming years.
Glad to get my previous suspicions cleared up too:)
With our past history of being pregnant at the same time, I should have known better!

Catherine Berg said...

Happy Anniversary Teresa and Scott!!
I have such fond memories of that beautiful day in May. You are an amazing family and a great example to us! We love you!!

Cath and family

The Schultz Family said...

Happy Anniversary, Teresa and Scott!! Can't wait to see you all ... in just one week!!!

Love, Cathy