Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Comming

Okay guys, I'm sorry it's been so long since I last posted about our new house: 232 Sheffield drive. I have taken pictures even though I haven't made individual posts. And now I am making one long post. :)

The boy's room all painted! The colors are bright and funky!

The living room, we put up the swatches of the green my mom picked, but it hasn't actually been painted yet.

Resting in between work:

One day my Dad and Uncle Jim jack-hammered a long section of concrete in Grammy's apartment and in my Mom's office. They needed to do that for the plumber to be able to run water and sewage pipes into Grammy's apartment.

Some more pipes:

John Paul showing off the pipes:

My parent's painted bedroom. Do you like the color they picked?

This picture is sideways, but anyway once you figure out which way to look at it, it's the upstairs bathroom. The tub is out and we are slowly scraping off the glue from the tile:

All the pictures below this are the currant pictures.

The framing on the outside of the garage for the siding:

The family room is being used as a warehouse.

Grammy's tub base is in!

Her bedroom, bathroom, hall, and closets are framed!

A part of her bathroom:

My dad got the drywall up in his workshop downstairs:

My mom started digging the hole for my window well:

We have a Robin's nest in our new yard, three beautiful eggs:

My dad got a riding lawnmower and was able to mow just about all of the yard, but we have a couple steep hills that he can't get. So of course the grass is pretty long. Max liked being able to practically hide in it!


Lorrie and Fred said...

Thanks Mary Kate! With your thorough chronicle of the home renovations I have a great insight into the process. You sound like you could start working at Home Depot in a few years! By the way, all that rain has resulted in some lush spring growth. I love the picture of Max in the grass! I can't wait too see you in person and congratulate you on your graduation! Love, Aunt Lorrie

The Schultz Family said...

Hi Mary Kate,

Thanks so much for showing us the house progressing along! Like Aunt Lorrie, I love the picture of Max hiding in the grass. And is the new picture of Max and Rose also taken at the new house?
Oh, and by the way, today WE are getting tons of rain. It's raining cats and dogs and kittens and puppies!

our little brown life said...

Thanks MaryKate- I love the pics and am so happy for you all. I'm also happy that you all get to enter in to the renovation process- you should get homeschooling points for that:)
Love you all,