Monday, April 20, 2009

If you're working and you know it, clap you hands *claps hands* If you're working and you know it, clap you hands, *claps hands*....

Luckily the stomach bug was a quick thing, 24 hours really. So by last Tuesday, John Paul and Cecilia were up to coming to the new house and working. It was Cecilia's first time working there, and as she declares, her last. She is of course welcome back, but I don't think she realized exactly what we were doing. She said she prefers to stay home with Grandma!

^^In the basement my Dad with Uncle Jim's guidance and help, framed the wall around the furnace. We are having a closet there so that nobody accidentally ran into the furnace.

^^In the upstairs bathroom we now have to scrape off all the glue where the peach tiles were. Ugh!! John Paul is a hard worker when it comes to things like this!

^^Cecila busily sandpapering the wall in the upstairs hall. Hey that rhymes, wall, hall. Sorry really random. :)

^^Another picture of John Paul hard at work scraping off that glue!

^^Last Monday my Dad took the plastic back of the tub out. The wall behind it is disgusting! It is really hard to imagine that upstairs bathroom looking nice.

^^Hey, no sinks!

Today we ran over to the house real quick to drop off things for the attic. We have been filling up our van with boxes of clothes from our closet upstairs, almost every time we go to that house in the van. We bring them up to the attic. I wish I had brought my camera today, but I didn't think to.

First of all, now the cabinets are out of the upstairs bathroom. Uncle Jim finished cutting out my door in the basement, and he framed the door from Grammy's apartment to the family room already. But the biggest, coolest thing, was with the concrete. Uncle Jim jack hammered the concrete in my mom's office and Grammy's apartment today, and my dad dug it up. Not all the concrete, just where the plumber needs to connect the pipes for Grammy's kitchen and bathroom! But it looks so cool. Oh well!
I am finally beginning to feel like it's coming along!
Oh, and we discovered wild raspberry or black berry bushes along the edge of our property! Yum!!

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