Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our New House!

Well yesterday we bought our house!!! We are so excited! After the closing our family headed over to the house with Aunt Jackie, Grandma, Nathan, Emily and Lauren. We ate pizza and then showed them the house. I took lots of pics and so you can see the house. After lunch my Dad and brothers, (Ben NOT included), went down to the basement and started ripping out the wall to the tattoo parlor. We are going to have it all open down there, (except for my bedroom), and that's where we are going to do school. We also started ripping up the disgusting smelly carpet. We had a nice surprise in the living room, underneath the carpet was a really nice hardwood floor which we'll keep.

So here are the pictures:

^^Max in front of the house.

^^The view from the driveway.

^^The view from inside the garage, Grammy will have windows that look out on that view!

^^Front of the house.

^^A side view of the house.

^^Front hall, you can see into the kitchen a little and the banister to the upstairs.

^^The living room, you can see a little bit of the dinning room.

^^Kitchen Bar into the living room.

^^Kitchen view.

^^Another Kitchen view.

^^Staircase up stairs to the hall three bedrooms and a bathroom break off the hall.

^^Our parents bedroom. (It will painted a light gray blue)

^^Cecilia and Rose's bedroom. They are keeping it this blue, I don't think you can tell from the pic, but the walls are three different shades of blue in sponge. It's really cool looking!

^^The boys bedroom. They are painting it some wild colors, it will most definitely NOT stay pink!

^^Max poses near the toilet of the upstairs bathroom, have no fear, we are replacing the sink, tub and toilet, my parents do not like the teal!

^^Sinks in the upstairs bathroom. Really the teal with brown and peach tile, is not pretty! And the floor is carpeted! What were they thinking????

^^The two car garage that will be Grammy's apartment.

^^My Mom's office and the half-bath downstairs. We are adding a shower in the bathroom.

^^The family room. This pic is of the wood burning stove. The family room will painted this pretty blue with white built in bookshelves and a white ceiling.

^^Another view of the family room.

^^The tattoo parlor, (in the basement), that will be an open area for school, a ping pong table, and just plain play area.

^^And last but not least, my soon to be comfy cozy bedroom. The small window in the far left will be made bigger with a window well. Yay!

So there was a virtual tour of our house! I hope you guys like it! I will post more of while we work, and then the finished results. So these are kind of like the "before" pics then we'll take, "working" pics, and then "after" pics!!!!


The Schultz Family said...

Thanks for the tour, Mary Kate! I love seeing your house in the "before" stage. It's already pretty great, so the "after" stage will be fantastic. Thanks for showing us all the pictures!

Love, Aunt Cathy

Catherine Berg said...

Mary Kate! Thanks you for all the photos and details on your new home!! We are so excited for you all. It is so spacious!!
You guys are in our prayers.

Love you,

Lorrie and Fred said...

We are happy to finally get a grand tour! What a beautiful setting- I love the views that my mother will have. It will be so great for the Anthonys to have lots of space to play outside. Can't wait for our first visit when you move in! Love, Aunt Lorrie

papa said...

OK. I have to admit I was reading Maxie's mind as he was sranding next to that ugly teal toilet. I could hear him saying to himself, "hmmm..I wonder what I could could fluch down this one! LOL

It's neat to finally see the inside of the house. I would come over and see it but that might lead to "work"!

papa said...

Actually, Max did not say "could" twice and he said "flush" not "fluch". My keyboard must be broken! LOL