Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic with Grandma Anthony!

Well it has become a family tradition to have a big Easter Egg hunt at my Grandparents house on Easter Sunday. But this year my family was sick, and my younger siblings were greatly disappointed. So our loving sweet Grandmother came over last Thursday and with my help, hid eggs all around our yard. Another special thing about Grandma's Easter egg hunt, is, she doesn't just put candy. In some of the eggs there are coins! My siblings were so happy! After the Easter egg hunt, Grandma took us kids to a park for a picnic! It was a beautiful spring day!

^^One of Ben's favorite things to do outside, is get on the swing. He loves it!

^^Driving to the picnic

It was a wonderful day! Rose got the most money of my siblings, with a little over $2 in change. Ben was very cute on the Easter egg hunt, finally getting tired of the egg hunt and begging for a turn on the swing! Thank you Grandma for such a fun day!

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