Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some paint, some stupid stuck sticky carpet that wouldn't come up for the life of my Dad, and the beginnings of an apartment!

Well again today, we went to the house and worked. Read the long title of this post to get the majority of what we did. John Paul and me painted, my Dad struggled in a HUGE battle against the carpet in the upstairs bathroom, which was glued down, luckily he won! And Uncle Jim, (who by the way, is doing Grammy's apartment, in case you didn't know), started putting up the first frames for the walls! So on to the pictures:

The first four pics of are the yard, I couldn't resist, the yard is so beautiful!

^^The bedroom door, and closet doors that John Paul painted, they are for Max's and his bedroom.

The next three pics are off the garage and how it's coming.

^^Uncle Jim's new "toy" his brand new measuring tape that can go 13 feet with out breaking, impressive!

^^The closet in the bathroom upstairs, I know it's a mess right now!

^^The colors in the boys room, funky huh? (Forget the little bit of pink in the right corner, it's going to be painted over!)

^^The basement when we first bought the house, see the walls?

^^Well now you don't! The walls are GONE!!!!

^^The bathroom when we first bought the house, see the toilet, and peach colored tile on the wall?

^^Well now they're gone! Bye bye stinking old tile and weird colored toilet!

So there you are, the next update. We have been so busy that we barely celebrated Lent. I can't believe Easter is in three days. Lent flew by this year!


The Schultz Family said...

Mary Kate,

Keep this up. I LOVE the pictures of the work in progress! I wish we could help, but we're so impressed with how hard you are working!

Lorrie and Fred said...

Mary Kate, well done! You're capturing the transformation of the house so well. And what a yard! I love your images of the tree branches against the sky. Hopefully those are good climbing trees!