Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting Ready for the wedding!

In case you didn't know, Rose was the flower girl and Max was the ring bearer for Chris and Ania's wedding last Saturday. My Dad was one of the Best Men. (David was the other one).

^^Trying on his tux!

^^Ben is always infatuated with shoes, and Max's shiny tux shoes, never ceased to fascinate Ben!

^^At the rehearsal, Rose was a little nervous, but then happy!

^^Early Saturday morning we brought down the picture albums of when Cecilia and me were flower girls, to show Rose. Ben liked the pictures too!

^^This is Rose's favorite goofy face!

^^Our Aunt Elizabeth is a hairdresser, and she came over and did Rose's hair! At first Rose wasn't happy about the curls, but then when they were done, she was thrilled!

^^We even added some Baby Breath for a final touch!

^^In her Flower girl dress! She was so happy!

^^Goofy face!

^^Our handsome ring bearer!

^^Our Little Prince and Princess!

^^Outside ready to go to the church. Rose took her dress off for the trip, because the dress was too plump (as she called it) for her car seat!

That morning Grandma and Aunt Beth came over to help us get ready for the wedding. We had a little trouble with Rose's dress, it was too long. So Grandma ran to A.C.More and got the iron on hem stuff. She and my Dad saved the day by quickly hemming Rose's dress up a little more!

P.S. This is Teresa talking - Mary Kate was very charitable. The truth of the matter is that I began freaking out in major McDonnell fashion, with visions of Rose tripping over the dress all the way down the aisle. So my mother in law and Scott were true heroes in the midst of a Teresa induced stressful situation. Yeah Scott and Peggy!!! And in the end, Rose and Max were beautiful par excellence.


Catherine Berg said...

What adorable pictures! Rose looks beautiful, and Max looks quite handsome in his tux. I was so sad to miss the Wedding!! I would love to see pictures of the ceremony/reception too!! Love you.

The Schultz Family said...

Hi guys, Rose and Max look BEE-YOO- TIFUL! I loved the pictures, and Mary Kate's play-by-play of the morning. And I most especially loved Teresa 'fessing up about her freak out. Personally, I wouldn't know ANYTHING about McDonnell women freakouts, since I never engage in such undignified behavior.

At least, not so far this morning, anyway.


Mary Kate said...

Thanks Catherine, I will post things about the wedding soon!!

lol, Aunt Cathy!!!!