Monday, April 20, 2009

Glorious weather and Easter

We have had glorious spring days lately, blue skies, warm weather, a nice breeze... I guess the nice weather makes up for the Easter we had. Unfortunately everyone in our family except for me, my parents, Ben, and Grammy, were sick on Easter day. And then later that week Ben, Grammy, and my Mom took their turn to be sick. But thankfully we were all better by Saturday for the wedding.

^^Ben has inhearted the McDonnell sweet tooth. He LOVED his basket! Chocolate, yum!!!

^^John Paul and Max, love this website called, Club Penguin. You don't have to pay anything to join and get a penguin, but if you become a member you can do special things, like get into certain places and buy clothes for your penguin and decorate your penguin's igloo. My brothers have been dying to become members and were SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to find Club Penguin membership gift cards in their Easter baskets. They each got one month, and since they share a penguin, they have two months total! They were so happy!

^^After some Club Penguin excitement that drained the few drops of energy left in John Paul and Max, they flopped down on the couch or floor and watched TV.

^^Poor Cecilia wasn't feeling well either.

^^ "You can't catch me! I'm not letting go of my basket!"

^^ "Hey, I want more chocolate!!!" (That's Ben's "mad" face!)

I couldn't resist these pictures. Grammy pointed the tree and blue sky out to me from her bedroom window and I went outside to take the pictures. God gave us a beautiful Easter day! There wasn't a single cloud in the sky!!

^^I went on our shed roof and took this pic. I loved how the shadows captured the flower shapes!!!

^^This last picture is just a pretty vase of flowers.

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