Monday, April 20, 2009

Playing outside!

Okay, we have been soooooo incredibly busy in the last few weeks. I have been so tired that I'll load up the pictures and then have no energy to post, which is pretty easy! But I have taken a lot of pictures mainly because we have done a lot of things lately. So I will try to post them in the order we did them, have patience with me, there will be a lot!!!

So first of all, last week, (actually I believe it was Good Friday,) anyway, it was a nice day and I went outside. Of course I was followed by Rose and Ben, (who LOVES outdoors!) The rest of my siblings were doing something inside.

My mom was looking at the pictures onetime and was teasing me that Rose and Ben were my favorite siblings since I had the most pictures of them. But honestly, you always take the most pics of the littlest ones, they're the cutest!!!

^^I couldn't resist this last one, Ben is just too cute!
((And by the way, it wasn't really that dark outside. It was twilight and the flash made it dark.))

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