Friday, March 27, 2009

Our Benny Boy

Well we didn't end up closing on the house yesterday, (Thursday), because the bank still needs the deed from the Sheriff sale.

So since we don't have any more news on the house, I thought I would post some pics of Ben and let you all know how he's doing.

^^One day Ben got into a box of cornstarch. That was a big mess! And he was so proud of himself, it was cute!

^^Ben absolutely LOVES shoes. It doesn't matter who's shoes they are. He just loves to walk around the house in shoes. Sometimes he isn't even in the same two shoes. It's adorable!

He has also finally started talking. He says "baby" "kiss" "Grandma" "Papa" "Da-da" "Ma-ma" "Daddy" "That" "What" "Uh-oh" "Hi" and "Bye". Three of his best words are, "Guys" "Ya-ya"(Cecilia) and my Mom's favorite, (just joking), "Barbie". He might say a few other things, but he doesn't say them often enough to really understand what he is saying.

I was reading to him before he went to bed tonight and we were reading, "Adam Adam, what do you see?" When we read that to Rose she would always kiss the picture of Mary holding baby Jesus. So I told Ben to kiss the picture, he did and then he said,
"Kiss, kiss, baby!" It was so sweet! Of course then he had to kiss every picture after that. :)

Another thing he loves is outside. If anyone is going in the back yard or front, he runs up to the door and points. Or he gets his shoes or coat. And when someone is leaving the house he runs to the window and presses his face up against it and calls out,
"Bye, bye."

That's about it for now! We love you and miss you all!!!


Lorrie and Fred said...

Mary Kate, you are an awesome big sister! I love all the details of Benny's toddler days. You're preserving these vignettes that Benny will enjoy reading when he's older! By the way, with Benny's long hair he looks like one of the Beatles in their early days. Adorable! love, Aunt Lorrie

papa said...

I can attest to how cute and funny Ben is. He did cute and funny things when Mary Kate read a book to him. I was holding him in Church last Sunday and he wanted the Missalette.See,Ben is not only cute and funny but religous too. Unfortuantely, he ate the book! I guess he wanted to really get a taste of his Catholic faith!


Lorrie and Fred said...

I liked that last comment. Hopefully Ben has inherited his grandfather and father's wit!