Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family Game Night

Family Game night is a favorite in our family. This time Max was finally old enough to play monaploy by him self. He had beginner's luck. He won the entire game with more money then the bank by the end. He was very funny.


our little brown life said...

Mary Kate- I'm so happy that you're back in action blogging! I have to say we try to have game nights but so far it consists of Luis and I making up new rules to Uno and Cranium...John Paul and Gabe think it's a riot and Monica still just wants her own set of cards to eat. We'll have to play Monopoly some day with ya'll.

The Schultz Family said...

Mary Kate,

Wow, a plethora of pictures! (that's a fun word; do you know it?) I loved seeing the game night shots, and the pictures of Grammy's birthday, along with your dad's and Cecilia's birthdays, and the wonderful February warm-day outing. But why no pictures of the delightful paint job done by your unnamed siblings? :)

Great news about the Dallastown house! We will commence praying.

Love, Aunt Cathy

Lorrie and Fred said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing about your game night tradition. Way to go Max!