Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Last Saturday York had it's annual St. Patrick's Day parade. Unfortunately, my camera batteries died right away, but it was fun! Here are some pics I managed to take before the batteries went out:

The last picture is funny, Rose was bored half way through, I think she enjoyed the popcorn and hot chocolate more then the actual parade.


The Schultz Family said...

I love the pics, Mary Kate! One of these days we're going to go up to Chicago to see the St. Patrick's Day parade.

One of our St. Patrick's day traditions is the box of Lucky Charms that just magically appears on our dining room table on the morning of St. Patrick's Day. The leprechauns bring it!

Mary Kate said...


Catherine Berg said...

I love these picture, especially the last one of Rose. She is looking so grown up, and is so adorable!
We love you and miss you!