Saturday, December 13, 2008

St Lucy's Feast Day!

Every year on Dec. 13, (St Lucy's Feast Day), us kids get up early to get our beautiful breakfeast ready and then to wake up Daddy, Mom, and Grammy by coming into their rooms and singing "Christ Be Our Light". This year Cecilia and Rose were St Lucy. We always have coffee cake, eggs, orange juice, tea or coffee and fruit. Besides tea parties it is the only time we use the china! Pray for us St. Lucy!


our little brown life said...

Oh, how I wish I lived in the Anthony household! I want someone to bring me a hot breakfast on St. Lucy's feast day. Some day my kids will be old enough. Until then, I enjoy living vicariously through you!

Catherine Berg said...

What a beautiful tradition. I love St. Lucy's Feast Day!!! I love seeing all your pictures and updates. We love your family so much. Everyone is looking so much more grown up. Please give our love to everyone, esp. Grammy!