Monday, December 15, 2008

Not The House

Well early this morning our Realtor called and told us someone else got the Victorian. We are all sad and disappointed, but we all trust that God has the right house for us and that just wasn't it! Please keep praying that we find the right house soon! (It is rather squishy in our currant house!)
Even though we are sad about not getting what seemed like the "perfect" house, we all are at peace knowing that this wasn't the right one for us. One other hard thing is that we really just wanted to know that we had a house. Now we have to start the search all over again!


papa said...

God's going to really surprise you guys and reward you for your faith and patience!


Mary Kate said...


Catherine Berg said...

Im sorry to hear that it wasn't the right house, but you have a bueatiful attitude about it. You are such a beuatfil family and witness to us. We love you.