Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rocky Ridge

Every year one of the local parks called Rocky Ridge, sets up thousands of Christmas lights. We don't get to go every year but this year our good friends the McLain's won tickets and so we went with their family last night. We brought hot chocolate and Cecilia made chocolate chip cookies that we ate with the hot coca. There are several different buildings that you walk through in between the outdoor light scenes. One building had a miniture train set up. It had about three or four different trains, a slowly spinning Christmas tree and a small waterfall. Another building had Santa, Max was the only one that really wanted to see Santa so I stayed behind with him in line and he told Santa what he wanted for christmas, a miniture train set and a stuffed animal.
We had our hot chocolate and cookies in yet another building that had tables and food booths. Benny was on my mom's back and through out the whole thing he had this look on his face that said, "what is going on?" It was very funny. John Paul kept trying to screw off light bulbs and got very frusterated that none came off. Each building had a ton a Christmas trees that different groups decorated. (Like one year the homeschooling group decorated a tree). It was a really fun night despite the cold weather.

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our little brown life said...

Thanks for the great post MaryKate! Tell Cecilia she's welcome at our house any time she feels like making chocolate chip cookies. This time of year is so magical isn't it?
Love you lots,
Carolyn & Fam