Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And one more thing.....

Ben has finally started to talk! He has been saying, "da da" for a long time but two days ago he started to say, "what" and then yesterday he started saying, "and that" and "daddy"! It is so cute! We are all trying to get him to say, "ma ma" but he isn't saying it yet!

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our little brown life said...

Dear MaryKAte,
Thanks for keeping us all posted on the developments of Ben and other things. I'm a big fan of "Life on the Ant Hill" although I haven't been up for posting too much over the past two months because we've been through a lot of transition. But I'm one with ya'll in spirit. Can't wait to hear when the right home works out and what the name of it will be. I think my number one vote is for something involving "Immaculata" because of how dear this title was to Maximilian Kolbe...which is clearly a dear saint to all of you.