Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Best Weekend EVER!!!

We have been having the best weekend anyone could have. Yesterday my mom and dad went up to the hospital so that my mom could be induced. My Grandmother and Aunt Beth came over before my parents left. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and is still snowing today. We now have between 16-18 inch. and we could get up to 30 inch. The wind created huge drifts, some of which are the same height as me.

Last night at 10 pm my dad called us and told us about the baby.

At 9:17 pm weighing 6 lbs 13.6 ounces and being 19 in. long, Joseph William Anthony was born. My father told us he has a lot of black hair (although not as much as I had), a squashed little nose, and an Anthony face. We all can't wait to see him tomorrow and I will post pictures of him tomorrow afternoon! We are all so grateful that both Mom and baby are healthy and happy!

Plus we have a lot of snow to keep us busy! Earlier today for instance we went outside and tried to sled, but it is too deep for sledding. So instead we went over to the biggest drift, (as tall as me), and started making an igloo/tunnel. We didn't let Ben or Rose out because it is too deep for them. The snow is as tall as Benny!

I will post tomorrow with pictures!

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The Schultz Family said...

Hooray! When the Schultzes heard the news about baby Joseph we all yelled and leaped for joy. We've very happy for all of you, and my kids are also intensely jealous over the cool snowstorm you're getting. :) We love you all and can't wait to meet baby Joey next summer!