Friday, January 29, 2010


I just had to post this. I am so glad that we have a cat. Trixie is always doing things that surprise us and make us laugh. Today for instance we found her sleeping in the bathroom sink. Actually in it! Her favorite place to sleep is the bathrooms, but she has never slept in the sink before! Another time she followed me into the bathroom while I took a shower and she jumped up on the tub. She was behind the shower curtain looking at me and then she slipped into the tub! It was so funny. Of course she got out of there pretty quickly after taking a very brief unwanted shower.

Here are some pictures of the new queen of our house:

One morning my parents looked out their window and saw Trixie chasing two squirrels up a tree! Later that afternoon we saw Trixie chasing some other squirrels in the pine trees. Look how high she was:


The Schultz Family said...

Ohmigosh, I haven't yet met Trixie but I love her! A cat among cats! And we cat-loving Schultzes are thrilled that you folks are now cat-lovers too. Speaking of which, have you ever seen the Simon's cat animations on youtube? Very cute and funny. Here's a link to one:

Anonymous said...

i love how wel you've kept this blog up Mary Kate!!! Great job!!!
and trixie looks so fun. that picture of her in the tree is a riot.
tell your mom i'm thinking of her as she is so close to her due date...i know you'll let us know what happens!!
love to all

Lorrie and Fred said...

Trixie has a lot of personality, befitting a pet for the Anthony family! She may need her own blog soon! Trixie Tales perhaps?