Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday, Cecilia!

On January 7th we celebrated 12 years of Cecilia's life.

I couldn't resist adding this one where Ben is munching the horse's carrot.

After all the guests had left, these two crashed on Daddy's lap.


The Schultz Family said...

Happy 12th birthday, beautiful Cecilia! And I'm very jealous for that fabulous cake. Can your mom do one for me for my next birthday? Pretty please?

Catherine Berg said...

Happy 12th birthday Cecilia!! I hope you had a beautiful day. I love the pictures of your party. It looked like a lot of fun. i miss you and I love you.

Lorrie and Fred said...

Cecilia, Happy Birthday! Twelve is an exciting time of life- bittersweet sometimes but good!