Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not Fun

We have not had a very fun week since all nine of us have been hit by the stomach bug. Luckily it is a 24 hour thing so we are all slowly recovering. But for nine people to all get sick in a row in one week, is not fun. We all hope that by next Monday we can finally get back to school.
And my parents did put another offer on a house. This time we all think this is the house. Their Realitor is so sure that we are going to get it that she already took the house off the listings. The owners already signed the contract and now all we are waiting for is the bank to approve the offer. We will find out sometime in this upcoming week.

We love you all and really hope that none of you get sick!


papa said...

We drove over to D'Town to see the house after church SUnday. It's perfect! Great views, wonderful trees, a great hill for sledding too. It's also close enough that your Dad won't have a huge drive to get to work! It's God's gift to you all!,


papa said...

I am glad you are all feeling better and that none of the rest of us got sick. Well, Grnadma wasn't feeling too good this morning but maybe it's not the same thing.