Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cecilia's Birthday!

Holding Lauren

High School Musical theme and fun gifts

Max drew the picture he said it is Cecilia(Look above)

Time for cake!

We can't get enough of Lauren!

Happy Birthday 11 year old! January 7th was Cecilia's 11th birthday. We had a party with the family the night before and got more turns holding baby Lauren. She is really so sweet! Then on the seventh our good friends the McLain's came over for another party, (Can anyone guess what was her theme?) If you guessed High School Musical, you were right. She LOVES those movies! Cecilia has every song memorized of the first and second movies! I got the first movie for my birthday and Cecilia got High School Musical 2 for her birthday. Needless to say, she was thrilled! (I think she watched the first one more then me and she gave it to me!) She wanted a cookie cake so she double the recipe for Chocolate Chip cookies and bake it in a pane and ta-da! Cookie cake! (It was very tasty!)


Catherine Berg said...

Happy Birthday, Cecilia! I hope you had a blessed day. We love you. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Mary Kate, they are wonderful!

papa said...

It sure was a fun birthday. Hey MK!!!! Why no pictures of the family Patriach? I never get my picture taken by you. Boo Hoo!

All kidding aside, we had a great time celebrating Cecelia's BD.


Mary Kate said...

Ha Ha HA!!!!!!!!!

our little brown life said...

Happy Birthday Cecilia!!!
You are such a loving young lady. I absolutely love visiting with you when we see your family.
I'm too old now to know what High school Musical is all about, but I'm guessing it's a lot of fun. Maybe next time we visit you can sing some of the songs for me!
Love you!Carolyn