Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bye Bye Nemo!

This isn't very funny since it cost a lot to fix. But one of my younger siblings (younger then 8) accidentally sent a rubber Nemo exactly like the one in the picture, done the toilet. The plumber had to lift the whole toilet of the ground and fish Nemo out. I guess clogging the toilet with sticks and rubber fish runs in the family, because my mom clogged her toilet when she was little by dropping sticks down a pipe! After his poor adventure, Nemo was thrown away. But we still have the Nemo in the picture(There was two of them).


Lorrie and Fred said...

Maybe Pixar will reimburse the Anthony family for the plumbing bill! That is a funny story!

papa said...


Hold onto that picture! It will save you time the next time Nemo goes for a swim. I'm sure it won't be the last clog that or the other toilet will experience!



papa said...

It's good that toilet got fixed! I understand it may be getting a lot of use with everyone being sick. Make sure grammy stays healthy!