Monday, August 25, 2008

One GIANT zucchini!

Every day John Paul and Max go out to our vegetable garden and pick all the ready vegetables. The other day John Paul found this GIANT zucchini! He is holding two to show the normal sized one(the one on the left) and the big one,( on the right). IT was pretty cool! (Another cool Vegetable story: We have a cucumber stuck in our gate. It grew in the gate and is now so big that it is stuck! It is very funny looking!)

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Lorrie and Fred said...

Could anyone make any better use of their yard than the Anthony family? I'd love a picture of the vegetable garden. I know that there's a Mary garden, play equipment, a patio, assorted trees,shrubs, and flowers in your yard. I'll have to give you my recipe for zucchini bread!