Friday, August 15, 2008

More from Grandad's!

Well day two is just about complete! We went crabbing today, the tide was SO high! We didn't even try to catch any crabs because we were having so much fun sitting on rocks under the water and getting completely wet! We found several big boulders in the woods and have started to make a path. Tomorrow we look forward to another day at the beach!


The Schultz Family said...

It's so much fun to visit Grandad and G, and you Anthonys are doing some of the same things my kids love while there. Did you get to use the canoe yet, or the raft? We Schultzes loved paddling around in those. But hopefuly the water is warmer. We were there in early June and it was FREEZING!!

Love Aunt Cathy

papa said...

Mary Kate. Did you bring any rocks home this time? Just wondered.

I am glad you arrived back home safely.

I asked Grandma when were we going to get to have cake and ice cream to celebrate Bens BD. She said we weren't. I am so sad!


teresa anthony said...

Sorry Papa,

But we will be having cake and ice cream with John Paul in a week and a half, and I assume sometime in between with Brian, and then only a week later with Jackie and I.

And if you are still in need of some cake, drop on in to Julie's on your way to the beach the following week and celebrate a belated birthday with Andara and an early birthday with Julie.

And yes, I'm boring and practical, not planning another party here in York for Ben. But I figure he doesn't know the difference. :)

He DOES like sugar, though. Between the lollipops and cake he was allowed to have on vacation, I think he's started to wonder what else I've been withholding from him all of his life.

Oh - and thankfully for Scott's sake, no rocks. Or ferns. Just some sea shells.