Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spontaneous Photoshoot + JP's Newest Writing Project

So yesterday I decided it was time for another photo shoot of my siblings. Actually it was the first "real" photo shoot I've done with my T2i, where I've planned what they are all wearing, bring props, ect. So I got all the kids to wear black and white (including myself), then I had Cecilia carry Joey, John Paul carry a kitchen chair and Max hold Ben's hand. I had my camera and a brush. We traipsed through through the tree line into the cornfield behind our yard. We found a beautiful little spot where I told John Paul to put the chair down. Then I proceeded to take a number of pictures, individual and paired up. John Paul then said we should go down to the stream at the bottom of the field. I still wanted the chair so we all trudged down the field to the stream where we found out there was no place for photos with the stream in it. So...we had to walk all the way back up the field to our house. By this point my mom had come home (she had taken my dad to the doctors - he had his wisdom teeth removed a week ago and was in severe pain, turns out he had dry socket. They gave him medicine so it doesn't really hurt anymore but it's a disgusting, metallic taste in his mouth, so pray form him) and she really wanted some group photos of all 7 of us kids. So first we took advantage of the fact that the house next door is empty, and we used the brick wall of that house for the background, then my mom really wanted a picture of all of us on the grassy hill in our yard, unfortunately it was pretty bad lighting at the time, but we still got a few good pictures.
Here are the best pictures:

And so we ended up with some very nice pictures! We're spending tomorrow at the Pierce's and then I'm staying there and going to the beach with them all of next week, so I'll have to post Boston and CT Part 2 when I come back. :)

But before I finish this post I have to post JP's newest writing project. He has decided to write a fake newspaper with fake news reports and such. So relax, sit back and enjoy the Pennsylvania Dispatch:
The Pennsylvania Dispatch
Paris; Burnt To the Ground
Yesterday, at ten a.m. in Paris, France, 21 year old, Jacque Dibere was cooking eggs as a chief, in the Eiffel Tower. The eggs caught fire, and instead of throwing them in water, he threw them out the window because he wasn’t very good at fire safety. Immediately the Eiffel Tower ignited in flames. Its heat was so powerful, that anyone within two hundred feet, were burnt to ashes. This means, that Jacque Dibere was probably killed. Was he able to get out of the Eiffel Tower before it ignited? No one knows. Before the French firefighters arrived on the scene, it had already spread to twenty buildings. Each one of those buildings lit more, until all of Paris was one giant fire. Only two hundred people that we know of were able to survive. Currently, France is very depressed in loss of Paris.
John Paul’s bad advice paper
Hi folks yep it’s me John Paul with the bad advice column. Well the first tip black paint is a great stain remover. Now I will be listing to a letter I got from Richard of Arizona. Dear John Paul my mom said that my eyes were glued to the computer, but there was no glue what should I do. Well Richard Get some real glue and glue your eyes to the computer. Ha ha ha I love messing with people. Yep that was bad advice. The next letter was sent to me by the I love you we think that you are so handsome fan club, um I am not going to read that one. But my next segment will be right here at the next Pennsylvania dispatch.

The "I-really-don’t-know-why-I-still-have-this-advice-paper-all-I-do-is-insult-people" 
Hello losers today I have three letters. The first is from Henry silver. Ha stupid last name well anyway I refuse to open it. Well Henry don’t tell me your problems I have enough of my own. The next letter is from Richard gold lets get right to the point go soak your head you big baby. What boss you’re firing me well I fire you; I can’t o well goodbye sucker! Bye people I guess I’ll never see you losers again.

Heaven, a poem
The fountains will flow with holy water
 The buildings will be made with gold
 Nothing will get dirty nothing will get old 

Upon each hill there will be a shining golden cross
There be no pain no suffering no death there won’t be a single loss

You could stay there one thousand years you would not wither or grow old
The streets wont be made out of cobblestone rather treasures untold

 Tiger Escapes Zoo
Last week a tiger managed to escape from the Baltimore National Zoo. He has been rampaging through cities, killing hundreds of people and somehow managing to escape the clutches of the hundreds of people on his tail. But the worst massacre of all was yesterday afternoon when he was spotted in NYC. He came upon a lone hotdog stand. He attacked, ate all the hotdogs, killed the man, ate him, killed all the people in sight, about a hundred and fifty and then continued on to Broadway where he had a nice dessert of professional actors. He somehow managed to get into the theater unnoticed and made his way backstage where he then made a sudden appearance onstage performed a quick Irish Jig  a line from Romeo and Juliet and then ate the twenty some actors onstage. Of course this made all the audience members panic and in their panic, this man-hunting tiger managed to kill and eat every single man, woman and child in the theater. A sad total of about six hundred.

So there you have it, a newspaper from a crazy, typical 10 year old boy. :) (We love that fact that in the middle of his horror report stories and "bad advice" columns, he throws in his poem about Heaven. lol!)
Mary Kate


Ania said...

Love it, keep writing JP! Great pics MK, the group shot would be nice for Father's day. Have fun at the beach!

Mary Kate said...

Thanks Ania. JP was slightly embarressed that I posted it but I told him that he'll thank me in a couple years. He is so funny!
Love, MK