Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Little Things

There are a ton of things I could be blogging about but instead I'm blogging about the little things going on right now, the things that will be forgotten in a few years.

1.) Rose's 1st Job
Yesterday John Paul and Max decided once again to make a homemade paper fan store. They first created a "Fan Store" in the summer but this time around they decided to make it a little more elaborate and "professional". So they set up a whole store in our basement using the ironing board and two chairs.

Not the best picture of their little arrangement, but still...

They hired Rose to be a sales person and since then Rose has said about a million times "I have a real job!" She is soooo excited! It is so cute. Last night at dinner she announced to everyone that John Paul had made her the Employee of the Week, and tonight at dinner she proudly showed us all her first earnings, (I believe it was 10 cents). The most adorable thing is she totally believes this is all real and that this really is her first "real" job. :)

Rose's "Employee of the Week" picture that John Paul wanted to print out and tape to the wall. (Key word = wanted, mom didn't let him.)

Either Rose or Max walk around all the time with a box filled with fans calling "Fans! Fans for sale! Come get your fans! Only 2 cents a fan!" All three of them were jubilant when my mom bought 18 fans she proudly displayed on our living room mantle. I must have been told at least 7-8 different times that they had sold 18 fans.

2.) Good Night Word *

Yes, it should say "Good Night World" read on for an explanation.

On Tuesday Max came downstairs and asked my mom if he could take some computer paper to make a book. After obtaining permission and working for awhile he came back downstairs to show off his new creation. I found his book so cute that I had to share it.

The cover. Hence why I wrote "Good Night Word". He meant to say "world".

The picture on the left is an zoomed in on the house to show you all the details Max added.

It reads "Max sleepy".

So cute!

3.) Benny's Prayer

At dinner every night we all go around and pray individually. Recently Benny's pray has included thanking God for all his family members (he lists each one in name usually) thanking God that Daddy is home safely and my personal favorite "Thank you Jesus I hate monsters and bad guys." (Not really sure why he thanks Jesus about that but there you have it. :D)
However tonight his prayer was a little different and it made us all laugh. Here is how it went:

Benny: "Thank you Jesus that it's hopeful."

Everybody looks up at Ben. There's a long pause as we wait for an explanation. Finally Dad asks tentatively:

Dad: "What's hopeful Benny?"

Ben looks at Dad questioningly as if it's obvious what is hopeful and then he says:

Benny: "Monster's don't think it's hopeful, only good people think it's hopeful and -"

Here Dad cuts him off as he has a tendency to ramble on and on and on and on and - you get the point.

Dad: "Okay Benny, it's Max's turn now."

4. Joey Turns 1

Okay so technically this isn't "little" but I don't have any pictures from Joey's birthday on the computer yet (they are all on my mom's camera because I ran out of battery and she hasn't loaded all her pictures up yet). This means I will probably be doing another post on Joey's birthday at some point in the future.
Joey turned 1 on Feb. 5th. It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since I was announcing his birth!
I decided to go back and load up 1-2 pictures per month of Joey's first year:

The picture I put on this blog. Feb. 2010 ~ A few days old.

March 2010 ~ 1 month old

April 2010 ~ 2 months old (At Longwood Gardens during our trip in April.)

May 2010 ~ 3 months old (His Baptism)

June 2010 ~4 months old (Doesn't he look like John Paul in this picture? At least he looks like John Paul's baby pictures!)

July 2010 ~ 5 months old

August 2010 ~ 6 months old (at Hershey Park, laughing at the prize my dad won at a game.)

Sept. 2010 ~ 7 months old (I couldn't resist two. These two pictures are soo cute!)

Oct. 2010 ~ 8 months old

Nov. 2010 ~ 9 months old (Ignore the blurriness of the photo.)

Dec. 2010 ~ 10 months old (I had to put up all three of these, taken with Chris' 5D the night Chris and Ania came over for dinner.) (Click on any one of them to see them bigger!)

Jan. 2011 ~ 11 months old (He is definitely a McDonnell! He loves his chocolate!)

Feb. 2011 ~ 12 months = 1 year old! (I should have a birthday picture, I know, but this is all I have loaded up to our computer so far!)

Wow, that took awhile. You know how I said I wanted to write a post about the best of '10 but never did. Well as I went through all our photos to get these ones I saw many, many, many pictures that I never loaded onto this blog! I'll admit, I'm tempted to still do a "Best of 2010" sometime in the near future. Should I?

5. 2 1/2 Years Makes a Big Difference!
And just for fun I decided to put up our family picture which was taken June 2008 and the one we just got in Dec. 2010. Now you can all see the difference!

The Girls 2008:

Mary Kate ~ 12; Cecilia ~ 10; Rose ~3

The Girls 2010:

Mary Kate ~ 15; Cecilia ~ 12 (just about 13); Rose ~ 5

The Boys 2008:

John Paul ~ 7; Max ~ 5; Ben ~ 10 months

The Boys 2010:

John Paul ~ 10; Max ~ 8; Ben ~ 3; Joey ~ 10 months

All the kids 2008:

Only 6 kids!

All the kids 2010:

Now 7!

The whole family 2008:

The whole family 2010:

I was amazed at how much older we all look. (Ben of course being the biggest difference.) This proves how much of a difference 2 1/2 years makes!



Ania said...

Chris and I were literally LoL over here! Chris always loves to hear what his godson is up to. It's so great that you took the time to capture the little moments (you do forget them otherwise). Great post MK and thanks for sharing!

Mary Kate said...

Thanks Ania. My mom has been talking about wanting to get our blog printed as a book for our family which is why I am trying hard to post more often and post about the things we would otherwise forget about.
~Mary Kate