Friday, February 4, 2011

Crafty? Yes!

I was inspired by Ania's post about her latest craft project and I decided to post about what crafty things I've been up to lately. For those of you who don't know, if I wasn't going to be a photographer I would be an interior decorater/designer. (My favorite channel is HGTV. lol!) Anyway, I get the e-newsletters from Better Homes & Gardens and got some inspiration for my bedroom. So I've been in the middle of re-decorating my room and I thought I'd share some of the things I did.

1.) Computer desk to Vanity

This actually isn't completely finished, (I still need to glue fabric to the bottom half), but basically this is what it looks like. I glued pieces of old jeans to the top half, I glued blue and white ribbon around the center, I painted the other border with brown nail polish(yes nail polish).

Then there are some mini projects that made up the vanity:

Last year I recieved this for a birthday present:

Now a year later, all the make-up I liked was used up and I was left with an empty, pretty container. However I cut the thing up and with it I made this mirror:

And I made the drawers for the vanity:

(The handles are made out of a pair of earrings that had broken which I bent into the shape of a handle and super-glued on.)

And I made my initials on my green mirror:

2. Left-Over Fabric to Earring Holder
My earring holder is made out of a strip of green tulle (left over from an old sewing project) which I attached to my drop ceiling:

(I made the sign by taking the back of a broken earring, bending it and glueing it to the paper so the sign could hang as well.)

3. Bunch of Stuff to a Necklace/Bracelet Holder
I made a necklace/bracelet holder out of a hanger, an empty paper towel roll and scrapbooking paper:

(I had this weird white block of wood on my wall which I covered up with the purple scrapbooking paper, then I took the handle of a broken hanger, covered it with ribbon, added a fake crafts jewel to the end, covered an empty roll with scrapbooking paper, attached the role to the hanger end thingy and attached all of that to the covered up block of wood. Then I added the butterfly sticker.)

4.) Broken frame to Sparkling Beauty
I took an old frame and covered it in glue, and then silver glitter, then I glued ribbon to the back and then hung a purple sparkly snowflake (for winter decorations I hang something else for each season):

(For some weird reason the whole wall and picture looks rounded in the picture below, it looks a little bit like I used a fish-eye lens or something which is weird since I don't'have one.)

5. Antique Japanese plates t0 Wall Decor
I found this beautiful antique Japanese tea set at a yard sale for only $5 and I bought it for my grandmother who collects tea pots and tea cups. It came with the tea pot, two cups, and four plates so I kept two of the plates. I had no idea what to do with them. I wanted to hang them on my wall but I wasn't sure how. What I ended up doing was gluing ribbon to the back of each plate:

That's pretty much it. I know this post is really all about me and not my whole family, but, oh well! :) I've been having fun with all these projects and the cool thing is everything I used I found either in my craft/scrapbooking supplies or my mom's.

So all my times of saving things that I should have thrown away have payed off!
(And I'm sorry that most of the pictures are in pretty bad quality, but unfortunately I have horrible lighting in my room and I didn't have time to play around with the lighting when I took the pictures.)


Ania said...

Cute MK, you are SO creative!!! Everything looks great.

Mary Kate said...

Thanks Ania, you're really creative too!
~Mary Kate