Friday, March 26, 2010


Hey everybody!

I don't know about you, but we are all soooo glad that spring is finally here. I have been meaning to put a post on here but I have been super busy. I don't have any recent pics uploaded on our computer yet, but I thought I would give you all an update anyway.

We have had several truly glorious weeks of springs, and the flowers that are peeping out are beautiful. The younger kids have been playing outside nonstop. For the most part it was in the upper 60's and lower 70's - including some days when we actually did want to wear shorts instead of pants. Since I have a lot of school and don't have too much time to play outside, I have been doing most of my schoolwork outside.

And besides the warmer weather, Cecilia, John Paul, and I have gotten parts in the Wizard of Oz at our local theater. Cecilia gets to play the Yellow-Brick-Road and a citizen of Oz. John Paul is Eldredge Fisher who is a "Ozian" (a citizen of Oz). And I am playing Dorothy. It is very exciting and the only downer is that we have to be at DreamWrights (the theater), everyday. John Paul and Cecilia don't have to be there as much as I do, but they still have to go a lot.

We had a No-Homework Tuesday last Tuesday and we enjoyed it by going roller-skating in the morning. Every Tuesday at the roller-skating rink in York, they have a discount, it's only two dollars a person and you can rent skates for free. It was a blast! We all fell quite a bit and were more then a little sore the next day, but it was worth it! After the roller-skating we went shopping for some much needed summer clothes at our favorite thrift store - Goodwill. We ended up going in shifts, because my mom didn't want to take the younger kids into the store, so first John Paul and I went with Mom, and then Cecilia and Max went.

Yesterday John Paul's best friend, Dominic came over to our house and Cecilia, John Paul, Dominic and Max went down the field to the stream by our house. They made a dam our of weeds and mud and in the process all four of them got extremely muddy! John Paul and Cecilia both "accidentally" fell into the water. :)

And little Joseph has grown a lot since he was born. (I really did mean to upload the newest pictures of him, but I ran out time. So you will have to wait patiently with me until I do get the pictures on here.) He can now smile and he smiles frequently. He really is adorable!

Now that I've given you a complete update of our life (minus the pictures), I should go back to schoolwork. We miss all of you!

Lots of love,
Mary Kate

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Ania said...

Hi Anthony's!
Chris and I are enjoying the warm weather too! We've sat out on our deck quite a few times and can't wait until the weather stays warmer for longer. We FINALLY finished our shutterfly photo books online and they came in this week. Hopefully we can share the books and some other wedding photos with you all soon! Lots of prayers for Scott's surgery too! Congrats to all the Anthony actors as well. How exciting!