Monday, September 22, 2008

Preschool Time!

Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Emmy comes over for an hour and a half of preschool. Max, Rose and Emily have a blast playing with play dough, doing crafts, listening to stories and poems, doing fingerplays and singing songs. At the beginning of the preschool we sing a little welcome song. The top right picture shows Max standing up and showing us his smile.They each get a turn - their smiles are adorable!

The bottom pictures show them making letters with play-doh to go along with the coconut tree. We had read the book "Chicka, chicka, boom - boom." I think the kids were doing "the itsy bitsy spider or some other fingerplay in the middle two pictures above the play doh."

Normally Cecilia, John Paul and I have to do school while Mom is doing preschool with the little ones, but sometime Cecilia and John Paul sneak down and end up having as much fun as the preschoolers - especially with play doh!


Catherine Berg said...

Can we come over for preschool??
Freddy and Jack would have so much fun with you guys. How we would love to see you soon! We miss you!

Lorrie and Fred said...

Ah,play dough. So much fun to play with- not as much fun to clean up! (But not as bad as glitter) I love this post! Aunt Lorrie