Wednesday, September 3, 2008

John Paul's Birthday!

This past Saturday was John Paul's birthday. We celebrated it by going to the Kids Cookie Break swim party and then meeting Aunt Lorrie at Applebees. On Monday we had a party for John Paul at Manor Township park with some of the McDonnell family and Grandma, Grandpa and Beth. It was a very fun party. My mom, again, created amazing cakes! Can you tell what they are? (Hint: You have to be acquainted with Star Wars). Another highlight of the party was when Daniel, Teresa, George, Ryan, John Paul, Cecilia, Julia, Joseph and me went to the creek(which is fairly big) and took a little dip. (Actually we went full in and were swimming. ) It was lots of fun hanging out with cousins celebrating John Paul's eighth birthday! Happy Birthday John Paul!


our little brown life said...

Haaaaaapy Birthday John Paul!
Love the name.
You're such a fine young man with wonderful parents I have a lot to learn from.
Sorry we missed the Labor Day picnic.
Carolyn & fam

Catherine Berg said...

Happy Birthday John Paul!!! I remember hearing the wonderful news of your birth while I was studying in Austria. You were such a cute little baby, and I am sure you are such a wonderful young man. I wish that we were able to spend more time with you and your family. You guys are such an amazing family!
We love you guys and love all the pictures of everyone.
Benedict is so adorable, and I cant believe he is already walking. They grow so quickly, dont they?
Mary Kate and Cecilia, it was great talking to you on the phone last weekend. I am glad that you had a nice time with Uncle Fred and Aunt Lorrie. I wish that we were able to go to the Labor Day picnic. It looks like it was a lot of fun.
I hope school is going well!
We love you and miss you.
Cath and family

Anonymous said...

LOVE THAT CAKES! Theresa, you never cease to amaze me. i had no idea you were so creative on top of everything else (although, i'm thinking now that all the cookie baking we did at the Pierces should have given me an indication of your baking prowess :))
My niece Rose (13) is really into cake making and blows us all away!
I read about you all faithfully.
And thanks for the heads up about Charlie. I will definitely keep him in prayers. Jen and I were just chatting about him when she was here a couple of weeks ago. I hope the pain subsides for him...

The Schultz Family said...

Happy Birthday John Paul! And Teresa, we would like to put in an order for Star Wars birthday cakes for Brennan's and Nate's birthdays next spring. We will pay for shipping!


Catherine Berg said...

That is a really cool cake!
Happy birthday Teresa too! You are such an incredible woman and an inspiration to me. Thanks for your beautiful example!
WE love you!