Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guest Reporter

Hi family,

We dropped off Mary Kate at Black Rock yesterday. She was very excited to be going. This is her fourth year, and for the first time she was able to go with a friend. Her best friend Anna McLane joined her in the same cabin.

So while she's gone I figured I'd step in as a guest blogger.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the things we've been doing while Mary Kate's been gone. Today, as Cecilia informed Mary Kate in the letter she wrote to her, "was a VERY boring cleaning day." Scott, the poor guy, had to go to Hersheypark with his youth group all day, but the rest of us did indeed clean. However to reward Cecilia for all of her hard work, I let her make dinner - (see how this reverse psychology stuff still works on 10 year olds... she actually thanked me for giving her such a special treat. :) And what exactly did Cecilia prepare for John Paul, Max and I (Rose was already asleep) : french fries, scrambled eggs, and Jiffy muffins. What it lacked in nutritional content, it made up for in taste.

On another front I have a movie recommendation to make for all of you. Scott and I just watched "Penelope", a delightfully quirky comedy that I believe was in and out of the theaters a few months back and is now on DVD. It stars James McAvoy, whom my family fell in love with when he played Faun Tumnus. Although that guy has a heavy Scottish brogue in real life, he does a spot on, amazing American accent in this movie.

The movie is great, and pretty much family fare with I think only one inappropriate comment that was mild enough to pass unnoticed by kids. Although having said that, I will add that I think a lot of the charm and humor of the movie will be unappreciated by younger children.

Quirky humor, sweet story, great actors - perfect recipe for summer movie night fun!

That's it for now. I'll add pictures tomorrow.

Love, Teresa


Catherine Berg said...

Hi Teresa,
I am so happy that Mary Kate is at Back Rock right now. Some of my greatest childhood memories are from there. It is a wonderful place. And good to know about the movie 'Penelope'. Tom and I are big movie watchers for little "date nights". But often times, they are not so good. We we will rent that one, upon your recommendation.
Love you,

The Schultz Family said...

Hi Teresa,

You and Mary Kate are a good little tag team. And poor Scott that he had to miss all that fun cleaning by going to Hershey Park! Truly a sacrificial lamb, that guy.

I really want to see Penelope! I have it on my BlockbusterOnline list and will see it as soon as we get home. James McAvoy is my latest movie boyfriend. (Fortunately Mark isn't the least bit jealous of my movie boyfriends. What a guy!)

Love, Cathy

PS Can Cecilia come and be our chef? I like her cuisine!

our little brown life said...

Hi Teresa- it was nice to hear from you! Black Rock does bring back so many memories- so glad it's part of your kid's lives. We used to scheme that one Summer both you and Jaye would be counselors...to us it was the coolest place on earth to spend a week in the Summer. To this day I could tell you the delights of each element of the daily schedule. In fact, in searching for the perfect pool membership this Summer, I've realized that I'm analyzing most of these parks by asking "Does it feel like Black Rock?" And so far only one does with a wooded setting and a fishing pond. Of course it's too expensive but we're thinking we'll save up for next year. Anyway, as my husband best puts it...
Ta Ta for now!
PS- Blogging has been a really fun way to stay in contact with you!