Monday, August 22, 2011

The "Hoedown"

A certain person in our family recently had a birthday. I'll give you a clue, he's wild, and crazy and the sweetest little boy in the world and the best big brother to his 1 year old little brother. Benny turned 4 on August 14 and we had a classic Hoedown. Cecilia and I were flying from Chicago that day and the party started not long after we got home.

The "Hoedown"

There was cake...
Yep, this boy had two birthday cakes.

there were cowboys and cowgirls...

there was dinner on tin "plates" (aka cheap foil pie pans)...
I know, another picture of the cowboy hat cake? What can I say, it's an awesome cake and I needed one more picture for this collage.
there were fellow party-goers...
(The top right-hand corner picture was taken during prayer before dinner.)
 The "Littles" {minus Joey}:
David, David and more David. Oh and Lauren too :)

The photo on the right needs some explaining. Right before cake and icecream the kids started screaming incredibly loudly, jumping up and down and basically going wild at the mention of cake. This is what all the adults looked like. (And do you see Grandma in the left corner covering David's ears?)
 there were presents...
I love this photo (the big one). Benny is eager to get his presents while Dad, notices me taking pictures, did a crazy face.

If you notice, in the middle photo, Benny's pulling up his pants which kept sliding down!

The photo on the left might just be my all-time favorite. Ben had just unwrapped his biggest present (a scooter) and in his excitment he pulled his hat over his ears. :)
 we had dancing...

Doing the "Cotten-eyed Joe" line dance.

and there were wanted posters...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful 4 year old boy, Benny.
Mary Kate

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Ania said...

Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard at the wanted posters! The cowboy hat cake is so neat too. Who made it? and what flavor was it? Chris LoL at the story of Ben blowing out his candles early. Too cute! Love you guys :)