Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring is Ending, Summer's Starting

School ends on Monday. The last two shows of Cinderella are tonight and tomorrow. We leave on Tuesday for our annual trip to Grandad and G's in CT. We experience our first flooded road which forced us to turn around on Wednesday coming home from school. The bird nest I posted pictures of in the previous post is now full of five adorable baby birds. Our basement flooded from all the rain b/c the drain got backed up. I've been sleeping on the couch in the living room since Easter b/c we just moved the giant humidifier (that heats my room up like furnace) out of my room yesterday. But life is good. Crazy but good. Oh and Cecilia and her best friend (my best friend's younger sister) got to come to the Senior High Youth group for the first time last Sunday. It was weird having a younger sister there. :)
And I finally figured out how to get super large pictures (something I've been trying to do every since I saw Kelle Hampton's blog Enjoying the Small Things. So onto the pictures:
My mom bought Joey this adorable lion sleeper.

Do you like it in b&w or color better?

At DreamWrights.

I've been trying to get up really early (like 5:30) and the first morning I did it this was the sunrise. Every day since then has been cloudy which = no pretty sunrise :(

Driving home from school on Wed. was beautiful. There was soft mist and low clouds everywhere!

This driveway was completely flooded!

Mary Kate

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