Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Week of April

Hello!!! We've had a great first week of April. Of course it was a little weird to have snow on April 1st, but it melted before the day ended. We joked that it was God's April Fool's Day trick on us.

It was funny because Rose and Ben went outside Friday morning (with the snow) and played for a little bit. Well the next day as we were driving to DreamWrights someone (I think Max) pointed out that all the snow was gone and Rose said "Yeah we played in the snow several days ago. " To which Max replied "No Rose, you played in the snow yesterday!" Rose was absolutely sure that it had been days and days since it had snowed.
Weekend Activities:

Ben and Rose were playing "dog" and were taking turns eating dry cereal out of the bowl like dogs. They think of the most ridiculous things sometimes!

Painting with watercolor since it was to cold to take pictures outside. :)

After the cold weekend we welcomed the warmth that Monday brought. Cecilia and I had school at CHA but Ben and Rose spent practically the entire day outside. That evening I went outside and got pictures of them playing:

John Paul is our aspiring chef and my mom told him he could pick out a recipe and make it all on his own. So over the weekend he picked out a brand new recipe to try and on Tuesday he made his recipe (Mexican Chip Casserole) all by himself. The recipe required him to mince garlic, chop and saute onions and green peppers as well as brown the beef and then assemble the whole thing together before baking it in the oven.

Proudly showing off his finished product.

Smelling the "goodness"

Excited to try John Paul's dinner



It was a big hit and everybody liked it (which is a huge accomplishment in our family). John Paul is now going to be picking a recipe to make every week.

And lastly I'll finish with "spring" pictures. (I'm sorry if you already saw them on facebook).



Ania said...

I LoL'd at the playing dog story. Must be a McDonnell thing...ask Chris about how they all used to play pound puppies when they were kids...no joke I think someone lost a tooth. Glad to see Rose and Ben were less aggressive.

Way to go John Paul...you can cook for us anytime, it looked delicious!

Great spring pictures, now if only we could get spring to stick around for more than a day at a time.

Mary Kate said...

lol, us McDonnells are crazy! I'm pretty sure Chris played dog with Max and John Paul when they were little way back when Chris and their family would come to our house for Thanksgiving. At least we have pictures of Chris on all fours chasing JP and Max! :)

teresa anthony said...

hey MK! Our blog is awesome only because of you! The pictures are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

teresa anthony said...

Actually MK, I, Cecilia wrote this comment and the other, but they're both true. You make our family blog amazing! I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!