Monday, March 28, 2011

An Excerpt from "Get Rich Quick"

I have to share John Paul's most recent scheme of making money: write and publish a book titled "Get Rich Quick".

And so without further ado, the first four chapters (don't worry, they're short) of "Get Rich Quick":



By John Paul Anthony


How often do you get money, if you loose a tooth right .Well if you follow this books instructions you will GET RICH QUICK!

GET RICH QUICK is a book on how to save, use, and get money. First we will learn how to save your money. Then we will learn how to use your money. Then finely we will learn how to get money. Any questions please call 846-5420.Thank you.

Chapter One

Tips on saving money

I. Don’t bring your money to the store.

II. Buy cheap.

III. Never bring your money to school.

IV. Keep your money in a safe spot.

V. Never bring it out if family is near

Chapter Two

Tips on how to use your money

I. Don’t buy food.

II. Only use your money when necessary.

III. Buy with prudence.

IV. Don’t gamble.

V. Don’t buy silly bands.

Chapter three

Ideas on how to get money

I. Have a lemonade stand.

II. Have a bake sale.

III. Have a yard sale.

IV. rent your stuff.

V. Get a job.

VI. Have a car wash.

VII. Ask your parents for an allowance.

VIII. Loose a tooth.

Chapter four

When you do this you will learn there are some expenses. But these expenses are affordable, but you will have to be willing to spend a little money. Now if you do not save your money you will not be able to pay the expenses.

Don't you just love it? John Paul has inherited his father's sense of humor.

Also, just thought I would throw in a couple of pictures that John Paul and Max have wanted me to share with you guys. They were extremely happy with themselves for thoroughly cleaning their room and in the process they found all of their stuffed animals. So they made a wall of stuffed animals and begged me to take a picture. Then they each wanted to take a picture.

This one John Paul took:

That is a lot of stuffed animals

Chicken Little:


And lastly, we went to the National Baltimore Aquarium last week and I got some pretty cool pictures with my camera. I don't have time right now (at 12:18 AM) to post a lot but here is one cool picture of a jelly fish that I got:

I also need to post pictures from Cecilia's Confirmation which happened last weekend. :)



Ania said...

We had a great laugh at JP's get rich scheme. Too funny! I love the Baltimore Aquarium and have great memories from my childhood that involve going there. Excited to hear about C's confirmation, what name she chose etc.

P.S. I found the PERFECT recipe to make for the family get together in the summer. You'll have to wait 'til July to enjoy it though :)

Mary Kate said...

John Paul is quite a character. I will have to blog about Cecilia's confirmation soon. :) And I can't wait to try your recipe!